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Simple Healthy Valentine’s Day Dinners using CBD

By February 7, 2019Cannabis, CBD Oil

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means the perfect dinner plans are a necessity! This is the ideal time to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy delicious food with your favorite person. Plus, the day can still be just as sweet without the chocolate! Instead of the traditional calorie-packed cookies, surprise your partner this year with a CBD-infused meal sure to impress. CBD is a great addition to many dishes due to its numerous health benefits and lack of psychoactive effects. In addition to relieving pain and reducing anxiety and depression, CBD can reduce acne, lower high blood pressure, and prevent diabetes according to Healthline.

For a simple start, check out this infused mixed green salad with grilled chicken. It combines mixed greens with cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, cucumbers, and grilled chicken with infused olive oil. It can easily be made into a protein-heavy entree or prepared in smaller portions as an appetizer or side. No matter how it’s served, the benefits of the CBD will stay with you long after the plate is clear!

For a more hands-on dinner, consider a playful recipe like these Whole30-approved cannabis-infused chicken fingers. The recipe calls for chicken breasts, eggs, almond meal, spices to taste and 20mg of a cannabis tincture of your choice. The tincture is added into the egg wash before breading the chicken, but you can instead choose to add it into the dipping sauces. Either way, this will be a fun recipe to make and eat during Valentine’s Day!

If neither chicken recipe sounds like what you’re looking for this holiday, go straight to the classic steak dinner. This recipe for cannabis marinade and steakhouse butter sets the mood by inviting the perfect combination of romance, flavor, and CBD to the table. In addition to the cannabutter or tincture, the recipe includes garlic, rosemary, thyme, parsley and lemon juice for a dinner to remember!

For other healthy ways to introduce natural stress-relieving supplements to your diet, check out my CBD-Infused Recipe eBook, available online (you can also check out the latest on CBD Pet Treats.) My other newest eBook, 21 Days Get Fit with Real Food is also available online. If you’d like to catch more tips and advice for healthy eating and cooking like a chef, be sure to follow me on Instagram at OfficialChefT, check out SimpleEatsTV on YouTube, and find my podcast, Simple Eats w/ Chef T, on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, Pocket Cast, and Radio Public.

Always remember to Eat with a Purpose!

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