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What are cannabinoid receptors and is cannabis oil the same as CBD oil?

By May 31, 2018Cannabis, CBD Oil
CBD and cannabis oil believe it or not are two different compounds. CBD does not contain any kind of THC in it at all or at least to my knowledge it shouldn’t have any. If you’re not familiar about THC, it’s the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. This does not mean that THC is without its benefits at all, this just means that cannabis oil is not exactly legal everywhere, whereas CBD is, however, there is a difference between the two substances than just that.
How does the endocannabinoid system work?
The endocannabinoid system is a system in the brain that is very unique and has different effects on brain function. This system in the body is actually named after the plant called Cannabis sativa, also known as marijuana, and its active ingredient delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. There are natural chemicals that are produced by the body that interact with this system in a number of different fashion. When these chemicals are increased, like CBD and THC, they affect the body in many different ways. This whole system effects a person’s bodily responses and the way that they think and perform as well. THC activates certain neurotransmitters in the brain that CBD can control. CBD is basically a natural THC blocker for the most part. This is why strains of marijuana that are more CBD concentrated do not get you high as much, but will have the health benefits that you are seeking from THC and CBD both.
Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol has the ability to hinder the progression of Atherosclerosis Plague, reduce heart disease, can inhibit tumor and cancer growth, helps with pain management, aids problems from Multiple Sclerosis, helps increase appetite and reduce nausea, helps insomnia, increases deep sleep, prevent seizures and increases insulin sensitivity. THC has the ability to help all these issues, but can it be harmful as well? Of course it can. Everything has the ability to be both bad and good, have ups and downs, pros and cons, and THC is no different. For one, it is not legal so if you have to take urine screens for work or probation, unless you live in a state where marijuana is medically legal and you have a card, THC is not a health option for you. Another issue is that THC can actually cause anxiety and schizophrenic like symptoms if too high of a dosage is used without the CBD balance.
CBD on the other hand has been known to inhibit tumor and cancer growth, helps with pain management, aids problems from Multiple Sclerosis, helps increase appetite and reduce nausea, helps insomnia, increases deep sleep, prevent seizures, reduce anxiety and the symptoms of PTSD. It also does not get you high at all. CBD is more present in hemp strains that are bred to be high in CBD content. THC is more present in marijuana and even if it is bred to have a high CBD content it does not really matter, it may still have a higher THC amount.
CBD oil: 
CBD oil is a very helpful substance that has no issues or problems with anything when it comes to legality. The DEA has very few regulations for it since it will not get you high and contains no THC. The FDA has not approved the use of this substance and has special rules when people are explaining what CBD can and cannot help with. No one who is selling it is allowed to refer to it as a medication of any kind, it is merely a health supplement.
Cannabis oil: 
Cannabis oil is not legal everywhere. It is only legal for use in areas where THC is also legal. This is because cannabis oil contains THC and is drawn from the marijuana plant, rather than the hemp plant. This is the fullest portion of cannabinoids that you can get. Cannabis oil has the ability to help everything that CBD and THC can together. In fact, cannabis oil works really well because of something called the entourage effect, where the CBD and THC work best and provide the best balance when piggy backing off of each other.
Both oils: 
Both of the oils are similar with some of the ailments that they help, and the fact that they are basically from the same type of plants. Both of these oils have a very serious stigma associated with them that needs cleared up. Marijuana, the DEA, politicians and the people who abuse marijuana are the reason this stigma exists. Potheads make every weed smoker seem like, well, potheads, but in reality, they are not. Everyone is different. While potheads are making people feel like they will lose brain cells if they smoke, politicians and the DEA are trying to scare people, saying that marijuana is a toxic and dangerous gateway drug that can only lead to worse habits. This is literally their current argument, which has been for the last 6 or so years. This is why marijuana is a class one drug, which means it has no medicinal value. This is why the FDA has not been doing testing and will not verify marijuana in any way. The DEA has just recently let up on a few rules, so maybe the FDA will begin the much-needed testing on CBD, cannabis oil, hemp, hemp oil and marijuana.
Are these safe to use?
CBD and cannabis oil are both very safe to use. Each person does have a different reaction to different things, so you should always seek the advice of your current medical professional before using any kind of oil as any kind of supplement. You also need to do a lot of your own research before making your decision. Choosing to use CBD and cannabis oil can end up being a very huge and life altering decision for any family. You should never feel bad or guilty if you have to obtain cannabis oil. You should be allowed to help yourself, and if you want to, cannabis and CBD oil are the ways to go.
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